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    Hebei  Construction Group was initially titled as Northeast Engineering Company of Ministry of Light Industry of China (established in 1952) and The First Construction & Installation Company of North China Textile Bureau of Textile Industry Ministry (established in 1953) Which were combined and renamed as The Second Construction Company of Northern China Engineering Bureau of Construction Ministry in 1964. In 1997, Hebei Jianshe Construction Group Co., Ltd.  which was renamed in 2017 as Hebei Construction Group Corporation Limited .we have a registered capital of RMB1.7 billion.we were successfully listed on the Main Board of Hongkong Stock Exchange in December 15, 2017. we ranked 365th among the "Top 500 Enterprises in China" in 2019 and ranked 18th among the "Top 80 Contractors in China" in 2018.
    Hebei Construction Group is a premium grade cross-sector construction contracting company. We are qualified for constructing roads, railways, municipal utilities, ports, airport runways, water conservancy and hydropower, and project management business. Hebei Jianshe possesses over  A Grade Qualification in architectural Engineering designing,  A Grade Qualification in civil air defence Engineering design, first Grade Qualification in real estate development, and is eligible to provide complete foreign aid projects and foreign cooperation of labor service operation.
    The group has more than 8008 people, which contains 64% colleges, 6people who enjoy the State Council Special Allowance and make province outstanding contribution, 150 doctors and masters, The company has about 80% of staff with professional titles, among which 11% are senior or above. There are more than 2595 registry staff, including 1807 Registered First-Class Construction Engineers.
    With the Group's strong management, technology and integrated construction solution approach, we have expanded our operations to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, as well as 31 other provinces, cities and regions in China, enabling us to undertake an increasing number of large construction projects.  Hebei Jianshe contracts more than 1000 national and local key projects, including numerous high, perfect, and special projects in 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, such as, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and so on. Persistence in shaping construction international brand, we have participated in a number of abroad projects in Fiji, Angola, Moldova and other countries.In 2018, output value reached 48.75 billion RMB , contract amount reached72.725 billion RMB and 1.25 billion RMB for tax payment.
    The Group possesses strong investment and financing capabilities, with a bank credit line of RMB 80 billion .We have also invested in quite a number of construction projects under the BOT. BT. PPP model, including Dingzhou Wastewater Treatment Plant, the supporting water plants for South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Baoding City, Xingtai City,  Baoding Ecological park, the Infrastructure Project in Haigang District , Tangshan,  the station ground of Baiyangdian Speed Railway, Xiongan New District, Reconstruction project of Qinhuangdao section of National Highway G102 , “ To Improve the Rural living Environment in 2017-2018”Qiao District, Bozhou City, " "One Vertical and Two Horizontal" Road and Supporting Pipe Network , Qianwei County;  Sichuan province , Ect. With the total amount of investment over RMB 20 billion. It has successively developed dozens of residential communities like Green Romance, Hongshan Manor,  Zhangjiakou Langton Estate, etc.
    In recognition of our achievements, we have won 21 Lu Ban Awards and participated in  12 Lu Ban Awards.,The Company has awarded the Gold Award in the first session of the  “Gold Award of the outstanding Contribution for Launching of LuBan Award Winning Construction” in the year 2012. . For the expansion project of Hohhot Baita International Airport, we were awarded the "100 Classic and Quality Projects in the 60 Years since the Founding of the PRC". We were also awarded the "National Quality Award" and "Hebei Government Quality Award"  in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Other notable awards we have received include "National Quality Project Award" , "China Steel Structure Golden Award" , "Star of China Installation Award" ,“National Decoration Award ”, and more than 500 a range of provincial quality construction awards , more than 200 safe and civilized construction sites at provincial and above level.
    By adhering to the development strategy of making scientific and technological progress, actively responding to national call to create green buildings, boosting the transformation and upgrading of traditional construction industry, Hebei Construction Group establishes a “Construction Industry Modernization Alliance" with joint efforts from the other five organizations, such as Tianjin University to vigorously build an R&D model integrating the production, training, research, and application. Its information technology based project management and BIM technology research and application have taken the lead in the industry. In 2018,We have obtained National Enterprise Technology Center ,Post-Doctoral Research Center、Academician workstation、and joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences Industrial transformation Alliance ,Setting up a high technology platform.
    In 2011,We have obtained the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and three Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize subsequently, participated as the main drafter and reviewer in the preparation of 44 national, industrial, and provincial standards and codes. The Group has won 197 national patents, established 10 national construction methods, 133 provincial construction methods, and won 12 scientific and technological progress awards at the provincial and ministerial level, 186 scientific and technological progress awards in the provincial construction system.
    Our overarching mission is to be "an enterprise with awareness, a legal person with character" , and by "character" we mean integrity and ethical conduct. We are customer-centric with a core value of providing our customers with quality services, and with that in mind we wholeheartedly strive to create the best place. With our excellent project quality and high-quality customer service, we have won the trust of our customers, which contributed to the fast growth of the Group. Our efforts have earned us various national-level honor titles, such as "Business Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit" , "Home of National Model Workers" , "National May 1st Labor Certificate" , "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" , "National Excellent Construction Enterprise" , "National Advanced Unit in Project Construction Management" , "National Excellent Construction Quality Management Enterprise"  "National New Technology Application Advance Group in Construction Industry" and"Enterprise credit grade AAA level".

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